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When it comes to creating interiors, vehicle manufacturers are reliant on a series of fiber tapes, foam tapes, fiber bonding and foam bonding solutions to bring everything together. Getting the right bonding tapes for automotive interiors can be a challenge given the complex nature of the materials used by OEMs. Modern vehicle interiors are a jigsaw of polyurethane, EPDM, PVC and TPO surfacing materials, EVA and polyethylene foams, nonwovens and other fibers, in addition to steel, aluminum, glass and other materials. At Avery Dennison, we keep up with the latest automotive interior trends so that you don’t have to. Innovation informs our product development.

Whatever the application, you can rely on Avery Dennision technology

Advanced adhesives

These days, OEMs rely on a huge range of materials to fit out the interior of vehicles, materials which are becoming increasingly advanced and in need of tape solutions to match. Our range of advanced tape solutions are developed with this in mind. 

Broad application range

Avery Dennison offers a full portfolio of bonding tapes for automotive interiors, with solutions applicable to the wide variety of surfaces and materials found on the inside of vehicles. 

OEM certification finder

Make sure your laminating and bonding applications are accompanied by the right adhesives. Our online OEM certification finder provides guidance to customers when deciding which adhesive tape to choose for a specific substrate. 

Technical support

Customers choosing our automotive laminating and[1]  bonding tapes are also supported by world-class technical assistance. We understand the nuances and challenges relating to automotive interior installations and can recommend solutions and provide technical assistance physically and remotely when required.


Foam and fiber bonding emulsion products - butterfly test

Video showcasing the way to test the bond of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials

Foam and Fiber Bonding Emulsion Products - Mandrel Test

Video showcasing the foam and fiber mandrel test

Bonding study: Rogers PORON® industrial polyurethanes