Whatever the application, you can rely on Avery Dennision technology

Driving cutting-edge adhesive performance

To help deliver vehicle reliability, we’ve formulated an extensive range of high performance adhesives capable of lasting a lifetime. Through a variety of technologies, we’re able to create strong, lasting bonds that provide OEMs and their customers with confidence. 

Overcoming the elements

Beyond binding strength, our adhesives must be capable of dealing with a variety of environmental influences. With the right technical properties, we’re able to ensure powerful resistance against harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, UV radiation, chemicals and a variety of other stresses to guarantee continued performance. 

Supporting a variety of applications

From double-sided permanent tapes supporting the construction of reliable vehicle mirrors to single-sided adhesive coverings for the temporary protection of alloy rims during vehicle transit, we have a variety of different solutions that can cater to a host of vehicle exterior needs. 


Our adhesives feature pressure-sensitive technologies that allow for seamless product application and construction either manually or automated, backed by a high initial tack, no cure time and easy-to-peel tape liners.


Feature: Adhesives Built for the Demands of Heat Shielding

As cars and trucks have evolved, heat shielding has become ever more critical to vehicle performance. Increasing electrification and use of turbochargers in smaller engines means vehicles tend to produce more heat, underscoring the need for additional shielding. Read and discover what Avery Dennison products are best suited for the application.

Feature: As Automobiles Turn Up the Heat, Performance Adhesives Shine
Automotive Heat Shield Tech Application Solution

Technical piece how pressure-sensitive adhesives are used in a heat shield application