Automotive / Powertrain


Electronics are critical for the effective functioning of vehicles. Be it for safety in the form of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and airbags or an optimal driver experience thanks to heating and sensing solutions, many drivers rely on these critical electronic applications every day.

It is an area where manufacturers simply can’t afford to compromise or cut corners. That’s why Avery Dennison has formulated a range of adhesive and tape solutions capable of supporting a variety of unique electronic application requirements. Thanks to a wide range of rubber, silicon and acrylic solutions, our pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies offer optimal bonding with any surface, be it textiles and leather or foams, scrims and LSE plastics.

Whatever the need, we have the electronic tape and adhesive solutions to support you.

Whatever the application, you can rely on Avery Dennision technology

High temperature bonding

Our powertrain adhesives are capable of achieving temperature resistance from 250°C down to -40°C, offering moisture and engine fluid resistance to deliver high strength bonding applications in demanding environments​.

Specifically formulated silicone and acrylic adhesives

Offering unique, differentiated properties to provide optimal performance for your needs. From silicon brake shim adhesives to acrylic tapes for vibration damping, we provide a variety of bespoke, high performance, high resistance solutions. 

Vehicle heat

From innovative technologies enabling effective heat reduction capabilities to tear resistant liners and lightweight properties, our suite of adhesive solutions has got your composite heat shield laminating and attachment requirements covered.  

Innovative noise
and vibration

Whether it’s sound absorbers and adhesive technologies for constrained layer dampers or laminating damping and decoupled laminates, our noise and vibration damping adhesive technologies can be developed to meet your unique acoustic challenges.​ 


Brake shim adhesives - engineered to reduce noise, vibration and harshness

Video showcasing the performance of noise, vibration and harshness adhesive materials