Low VOC acrylic

Demand for low VOC adhesive solutions is growing. Avery Dennison’s low VOC acrylic tapes are solvent-free and therefore particularly prevalent in automotive interior applications that require low fogging. Thanks to technological advances, the ‘new car smell’ phenomenon caused by potentially harmful volatile organic compounds is becoming a thing of the past.


Our low VOC adhesives are not produced with solvents. As a one-component system, the adhesive is very pure and contains almost no volatile substances.

Ideal for vehicle interiors

From seat heating and sensor installation to carpet mounting, low VOC acrylics offer a bonding solution that meets increasingly strict rules and regulations in the automotive industry.

Temperature resistance

Our acrylics are capable of performing effectively on surfaces up to 175˚ C.

Electrical and medical applications

Ideal for use in circuit boards where direct contact is involved, as well as in medical applications where limiting the potential for skin irritation and toxicity is critical.

Enhance sustainability credentials with low VOC acrylic

Low VOC acrylic tape – features and benefits

Avery Dennison is constantly seeking ways in which to reduce the release of VOCs into the air. Our low VOC acrylic adhesives offer a solution which is ideal for use in a variety of indoor applications, from seat heating and sensing systems to speaker grills and direct mounting onto printed and flexible circuit boards.


  • Solvent-free adhesive solutions
  • Bonds well to medium and high surface energy substrates, especially polyether and polyester urethanes and skinned foams
  • High temperature resistance up to 175˚C


  • Sustainability – helping to cut down the release of harmful VOCs into the air
  • Helps automotive OEMs to meet low VOC requirements
  • Cost effective, simple to use and can eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, drilling or grinding processes
  • Backed up by industry leading technical support

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