Pure acrylic

Pure acrylic is a good all-round performing adhesive that is suited to a variety of industry applications, from automotive to electrical and many others in between. A simple and cost-effective solution, pure acrylic offers high shear strength and strong, reliable bonding to medium and high surface energy materials.

High shear strength

Pure acrylic adhesive tape solutions offer strong holding power under high stress and load.


One of the most important features of pure acrylic adhesives is their durability, making them ideal solutions for long-lasting applications outdoors.

Temperature, chemical and UV resistance

Whether it’s high temperature environments such as inside automotive engine hoods or withstanding prolonged periods of exposure to sunlight and chemicals, acrylic adhesives can withstand many external influences.

Application flexibility

Pure acrylics are suitable for a wide range of applications, from the mounting of automotive badges and emblems to roof splicing to boost airtightness of building envelopes.

Choose pure acrylic adhesives for good all-round performance

Pure acrylic tapes – features and benefits

A solid, well-rounded performer, pure acrylic bonding tapes provide strong holding power under high stress and heavy loads. They also offer comprehensive resistance to a variety of external conditions such as chemicals and extreme temperatures, making them highly suitable for graphic attachments, badges, emblems, membrane switches, electrical shields, veneers and more.


  • A simple and cost-effective adhesive formulation for a wide range of applications
  • High shear strength
  • Bonds well to medium and high surface energy materials such as metal and glass
  • Resistance to temperatures up to 180˚C
  • Long-lasting resistance to chemicals and UV 


  • Ideal solution for outdoor applications, including automotive and building exteriors
  • High durability ensures performance is maintained over time
  • Simple to use thanks to pressure-sensitive application
  • Can help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, drilling or grinding processes

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