Tackified acrylic

Although a member of the acrylic adhesive family, our tackified acrylics combine some of the most desirable properties and benefits of both acrylics and rubbers. Capable of bonding to low surface energy substrates, these solutions maintain many of the resistance-related features offered by pure acrylic adhesives.

Bonding to LSE substrates

Thanks to the addition of tackifiers, these acrylic adhesive solutions are able to bond to low surface energy materials such as plastics.

Best of both worlds

Good resistance to chemicals, heat and UV associated with acrylics, combined with the LSE bonding power of rubber adhesives.

Temperature resistance

Immediate bonding performance on application that strengthens over time.

Application flexibility

Tackified acrylics can be used across a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Tackified acrylic.
Tapes that offer high bonding

Tackified acrylic tape – features and benefits

Avery Dennison’s range of tackified acrylic adhesive solutions are known for their high initial tack, helping them to reliably perform on low, medium and high surface energy materials. Whether it’s foam bonding, heat shields, UHMWPE, thermal insulation or plasticised material applications, these adhesives will stand up to the task.


  • Combines key features of acrylic and rubber adhesives
  • Bonds well to low, medium and high surface energy materials
  • Maintains good resistance to temperature, chemicals and UV
  • High initial tack


  • Suitable for use across a variety of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Ideal for the bonding or rough surface materials such as foams and fibres
  • Simple to use and can help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, drilling or grinding processes
  • Backed up by industry leading technical support

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