Permanent & removable

Avery Dennison provides a range of permanent and removable adhesives designed for unique bonding requirements where dissimilar materials are involved. Products in this category include differential tapes with permanent adhesives on the laminating side in combination with removable acrylic adhesives on the mounting side.

Application flexibility

From tackified acrylic to high shear rubbers to silicone adhesives, a variety of technologies can be used in combination.

Multiple use-cases

Permanent and removable adhesives can be used in a variety of applications, from polishing pads and reclosable bags to point-of-purchase displays, the mounting of promotional items or surface protection solutions.

Strong yet low adhesion

Our temporary adhesives have been formulated to provide strong yet low adhesion to ensure both reliable bonding and easy removability.

Leaving no trace

Our adhesives leave no residue or ghost print, ensuring your products remain undamaged and aesthetically unaffected. 

Bespoke solutions for bespoke needs.

Permanent & removable tapes – features and benefits

Our permanent & removable adhesives can be customised to deliver optimal performance for unique requirements. Be it the protection of automobiles during transit or the temporary application of cork screens to glass to prevent scratches or other damages, a variety of technologies can be used in combination to meet your specific adhesive needs.


  • Strong yet low adhesion
  • Easy to apply pressure-sensitive adhesive technology
  • Various technologies can be used in combination, both for the permanent and temporary adhesives


  • Striking the perfect balance between strong bond and ease of removability
  • Temporary adhesives leave no residue or ghost print
  • Flexibility ensures suitability for a variety of applications
  • Allows for strong bonding of dissimilar materials

Foam bonding solutions