High adhesion rubber

Avery Dennison’s high adhesion rubber adhesives are ideally suited for bonding with low surface energy substrates, such as PE, polyester urethane, EPDM, nitrile vinyl, PU-foam and recycled textile felts and foams. As soft, highly malleable adhesives, they deliver a strong, lasting bond immediately upon application.

Versatile adhesion

Our rubber adhesives are soft and malleable, making them perfect for bonding with rough, uneven surfaces and open structures such as foams.

High initial tack

Our unique chemical formula created to deliver high adhesion ensures that an immediate, strong and lasting bond is established between adhesive and substrate.

Reliable and easy to use

As pressure-sensitive adhesives with a focus on delivering strong bonds, high adhesion rubber adhesives are easy to apply and remove the need for complicated alternatives such as mechanical fasteners.

Application flexibility

High adhesion rubber adhesives are suitable for several applications. This includes bonding with plastics, foam bonding and construction scenarios where two components need to bond immediately.

High adhesion rubber. For immediate, strong, lasting bonds.

High adhesion rubber tapes – features and benefits

Owing to their favourable properties, high adhesion rubbers have many applications across a variety of industries. From rubber weather seals to felts and fibres in automotive interiors to air conditioning constructions, the strong and immediate yet versatile and lasting bonds that they deliver make them an incredibly useful component.


  • Formulated rubber-based adhesive where high and immediate adhesion is required
  • Soft, malleable adhesives ideal for bonding with low energy substrates and uneven surfaces
  • Easy to apply pressure-sensitive adhesive technology
  • Moderate shear and temperature resistance


  • The guarantee of an immediate, strong, lasting bond versus other adhesives
  • Ideal for laminating to polyester urethane and skinned foams
  • Can help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners or drilling
  • Can incorporate solvents to raise temperature resistance as necessary

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