High shear rubber

Our high shear rubber adhesives are adept at bonding with a variety of materials, be it low, medium or high surface energy substrates. Our unique formulation focuses on strength, providing you with adhesives that can accommodate high loads across a variety of use cases.

High shear

Delivering optimal resistance to stress, our high shear rubber adhesives are ideal for those applications involving high loads or tension.

High tack

Our unique chemical formula has been created to deliver strong, immediate, lasting bonds between adhesive and substrate.

Reliable and easy to use

As pressure-sensitive adhesives with a focus on strength, high shear rubber adhesives are easy to apply and reliable, removing the need for messier alternatives such as mechanical fasteners.

Application flexibility

High shear rubber adhesives are suitable for several applications, be it hooks bearing heavy loads or security labels that must bond incredibly strongly to plastics.

High shear rubber. Offering exceptionally strong bonds.

High shear rubber tapes – features and benefits

Our high shear rubber adhesives offer premium strength for exceptionally durable bonds. From hang tabs and security labels to plastics, point of purchase displays and hooks, our cutting-edge high shear rubber solutions have got your adhesive needs covered.


  • Formulated rubber-based adhesive where strong bonds are paramount
  • Easy to apply pressure-sensitive adhesive technology
  • Immediate adhesion on various surface


  • High shear resistance
  • The guarantee of strong bonds versus alternatives
  • Can help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners or drilling
  • Bonds well to HDPE, LDPE and other Low Surface Energy (LSE) substrates

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