Silicone adhesives

Our silicone adhesives are the most premium products available in our range. Typically used for bonding with low surface energy substrates and applications in harsh environments, Avery Dennison’s silicone adhesives offer superior performance with high shear and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Temperature resistance

Our silicone adhesives can withstand temperatures like no other in our range, sustaining extremely strong bonds at up to 250°C.

Harsh environments

Silicone is an exceptional durable material. Inert by nature, it provides near holistic resistance to chemicals, UV and other adverse weather conditions.

Strong bonds

Capable of bonding well with both low and high energy substrates, silicone adhesives guarantee both incredibly high tack and shear that simply aren’t achievable with alternative solutions.

Application flexibility

Silicone adhesives are widely applicable, succeeding where others cannot in delivering strong bonds with challenging materials under extreme duress.

Silicone adhesives.
For truly exceptional performance.

Silicone adhesive tapes – features and benefits

Silicone adhesives succeed in environments where all others fall short. From use in cryogenics labelling at temperatures as low as -80°C to application on brake shims for damping where temperatures can reach 250°C, silicone adhesives are incredibly durable and incredibly versatile. They’re also the only adhesive that can work with silicone coating – used in applications such as airbags for low-friction characteristics.


  • Highly durable in extreme environments – resistant to UV, chemicals, water and more
  • Extremely high and low temperature resistance, ranging between -80°C and 250°C
  • Offering reliable, strong bonds with low, medium and high energy substrates


  • Only adhesive capable of bonding with silicone materials such as Teflon
  • High adhesion combined with good shear absorbs shock and distributes stress evenly
  • Can help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, drilling or grinding and related clean-up for certain applications
  • Highly suitable for use in outdoor environments

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