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Core Series™ Product Portfolio

The Avery Dennison Core Series™ Portfolio is designed to make it easy for you to do business with Avery Dennison and your customers. The portfolio features the full breadth of the Avery Dennison Performance Tapes adhesive technologies—from general purpose rubber to silicone—in a variety of tape constructions. The portfolio has been developed to address a majority of your bonding needs

“The product selection addresses the majority of lamination and mounting needs.”

The Core Series™ portfolio offers the following benefits:

1) Focused portfolio to facilitate the selection of the right bonding solution
2) 4 steps tool to make product selection easier for the user
3) Sample binder available for on site prototyping
4) Rapid sampling
5) Maximum 4 calendar days lead time for stock items

Featuring 40 products in nine adhesive categories:
1.    High Adhesion Rubber
2.    High Shear Rubber
3.    Tackified Acrylic
4.    Pure Acrylic
5.    Silicone Adhesive
6.    Low VOC Acrylic
7.    High Performance Acrylic
8.    Acrylic Foam Bond
9.    Permanent / Removable

Download the product selection tool and find out all about the adhesive type properties or contact your Avery Dennison representative, who is available to assist in answering your questions and help identify the right solutions. 


Download our NEW Core Series™ Tape Selector App

There is also an online version available you can use from your web browser.




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