No two industries, or companies, are the same. Each organization has different requirements unique to their specific needs. At Avery Dennison, we produce a vast and growing variety of tapes and adhesive solutions suitable for use across an extensive range of applications, surfaces and environmental conditions. From simple to complex requirements, we strive to deliver superior performance and a seamless user experience through our customization, technical support and research and development efforts.



Market segments

General Converting
White Goods & Appliances
Anti-counterfeit technology



Bespoke solutions for specific requirements

At Avery Dennison, we understand bespoke is best. That’s why we always strive to incorporate new properties and characteristics within our range of high-performance tapes and adhesives, to deliver unrivalled end results. Be it colored pigments for customization or additives that ensure fire retardant and UV-resistant capabilities, our products can cater to any industrial requirement – for retailers, appliance manufacturers, converting specialists and more.


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The importance of airtightness to a building’s performance

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