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Soft trim bonding & adhesive tapes

Modern motorists demand premium driving experiences from all new vehicles, and soft trim components are a key part of creating that feeling of quality and comfort. When it comes to these important interior components, manufacturers simply can’t afford to cut corners. At Avery Dennison, we’re here to support the application and installation of a variety of soft trim components, be they door medallions, arm rests, parcel shelves or other features. Using a full line of pressure-sensitive tapes, we’re able to laminate a variety of textiles, leathers and surface covering materials onto foams, soft and hard substrates. From cutting-edge dispersion acrylics and modified acrylics to hot melt rubbers for tough to bond surfaces, our wide range of adhesive technologies guarantee optimal bonding in a variety of soft trim applications.

Andrew Christie 
Market Segment Manager Automotive

Andrew Christie is the Market Segment Manager responsible for the Automotive Market at Avery Dennison Performance Tapes. He has introduced many innovative solutions to the market including light weight acoustical materials and sustainable seat fabrics. His commitment to the industry continues with delivering pressure sensitive adhesives that address the challenges facing the automotive industry today.

Application summary

Supporting premium products with pressure-sensitive tapes.


  • Bonding leather textiles and thermoplastic surfacing materials to vehicle interiors such as doors, dashboards, consoles and interior trim parts
  • Cutting-edge peel, tack and shear technologies
  • Low VOC and resistance to chemicals, plasticizers, solvents, and extreme temperatures
  • Long term adhesion and resistance to mold release agents


  • Pressure-sensitive tapes require no curing time, unlike liquid applied alternatives
  • Market leading application engineering and technical support
  • High tack and long-term adhesion with initial repositionability for easy application and assembly 
  • Optimal adhesion for soft trim components


Foam and fiber bonding emulsion products - butterfly test

Video showcasing the way to test the bond of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials

Foam and Fiber Bonding Emulsion Products - Mandrel Test

Video showcasing the foam and fiber mandrel test

Bonding study: Rogers PORON® industrial polyurethanes