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Windows and doors are prone to heat loss and can impair a building’s environmental performance – that is why the insulation of glazing is paramount to any successful installation project.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes provides a range of glazing adhesives to support your varied insulation glazing applications. These include solutions for warm edge spacers, weather strips and muntin bars, among other industry-leading Insulating glazing units.

We know how important it is that your door and window installations are air and moisture tight – our high-performance glazing adhesives can help you to achieve the desired insulation glazing your customers need. Get your insulation of glazing spot on every time with Avery Dennison.


Enduring performance

Our windows and doors products enable the insulation of glazing to be long-lasting. Key product features include the use of PSA adhesives for excellent glazing adhesion on barrier films, resistance to corrosion, and pre-treatment of films to enable excellent anchorage over the complete lifetime.

Reducing heat loss

Avery Dennison’s PSA and non-PSA barrier films help maximize the effectiveness of insulation glazing, providing an ultra-high barrier to moisture and negligible thermal bridge compared to aluminum and steel alternatives.

Broad product range

We offer a myriad of glazing adhesive products to help you install highly insulated glazing units. This includes several solutions designed for warm edge spacers, as well as weather seals, tapes for expanding foams to seal around the windows, tapes for muntin bars, and more.

Technical support

Customers choosing our windows and doors products are supported by world-class technical assistance. We understand the challenges and situations faced in window and door installations, and can recommend solutions and provide technical assistance physically and remotely when required.



Case studies


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The Performance Tapes are the Adhesive Solution required to enable the secure of your Glazing Products.


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For insulated glass units (also known as double/triple glazing) to enhance energy efficiency, improve thermal comfort and bolster noise protection, the characteristics of window bar spacers are vitally important.


Why insulated glass units (IGUs) are key to a building’s performance

Glazing insulation is growing in importance as a result of the continual tightening of building insulation regulations, largely focused on enhancing energy efficiency and driving global sustainability.


Grounded in clear values

You might say we hold it all together. Our business operates in the Avery Dennison tradition of breakthrough innovation, deep application expertise, and standard-setting customer service and collaboration.



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