Muntin bars

Muntins, or muntin bars, are the strips of wood or metal that can be found in doors, windows and furniture, typically used to create patterns that accentuate different architectural styles. Window muntin bars, for example, are commonly used as vertical dividers to separate glass panes for visual effect.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes offers pressure-sensitive adhesives that meet the requirements for a long lasting, neat bonding solution that allows for fast and easy installation of stick-on muntin bars.

Quin Dams
Market Segment Manager Building & Construction / General Industrial

Quin is passionate about technical building applications since he designed and built his family home back in 2012.
Professionally, Quin held several positions as Product Manager responsible for the product life cycle of many technical applications related to the building environment, namely in adhesives, lighting and plastics.
He joined Performance Tapes Europe as a Market Segment Manager for tape applications in the construction and industrial markets where he teams up with customers and R&D to achieve tape solutions that improve the installation of buildings and related products and processes.

Application summary

Enabling easy application of muntin bars to windows, doors and furniture.


  • Gap filling capability
  • Tape cores with high internal strength
  • Long lasting outdoor resistant adhesives with high tack and shear strength


  • Long lasting bond in outdoor conditions
  • Resistant to moving substrates due to varying levels of thermal expansion and contraction
  • Immediate performance after application


AFB 6164G High quality acrylic foam bonding tape 

About the product
A grey acrylic foam tape with general purpose acrylic adhesive. This conformable, foamed adhesive enables strong lamination and maintains high internal strength on irregular substrates over long periods.


Key benefits

  • High adhesion combined with good shear – absorbs shock and distributes stress evenly
  • Resistant to outdoor conditions
  • Gap filling

FM M2705 High quality PE foam tape 

About the product
A black solvent based pure acrylic double coated polyethylene foam tape. This is used for highly demanding mounting applications where a high shear and high performance are required. 


Key benefits

  • High ultimate adhesion and shear bonding strength
  • Resistant to outdoor conditions
  • Gap filling


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