Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and our Low VOC-certified tapes

Quin Dams
Market Segment Manager Building & Construction / General Industrial

Quin is passionate about technical building applications since he designed and built his family home back in 2012.
Professionally, Quin held several positions as Product Manager responsible for the product life cycle of many technical applications related to the building environment, namely in adhesives, lighting and plastics.
He joined Performance Tapes Europe as a Market Segment Manager for tape applications in the construction and industrial markets where he teams up with customers and R&D to achieve tape solutions that improve the installation of buildings and related products and processes. 


Indoor Air Quality 
Urbanization and our tendency to spend more time indoors made the quality of the air we breathe a topical issue. Bad Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be a potential risk factor to our health and the concentration of chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that cause bad IAQ is subject to stringent regulations.

Factors that affect IAQ
Building materials used in flooring and walls affect IAQ because they emit particulates that are airborne once they are used. Our low VOC certified tapes offer an alternative to liquid adhesives based on solvents and reflect our commitment to the improvement of health and safety. Applications include carpet pads, resilient flooring and underlayment. 

Measurement standards
Other than avoiding building materials that emit harmful chemical components, risks can be reduced by ventilation, regular cleaning and temperature control. Trust the various measurement standards with minimum and maximum values when making your choice of material and don’t let poor IAQ affect your quality of life.


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