Warm edge spacers

Avery Dennison delivers high barrier multilayer laminates to aid the production of warm edge spacers, which help to maintain the performance of insulating glass units (IGUs) such as double and triple glazed windows. Our adhesive tape solutions for window spacers are an essential part of creating energy efficient IGUs, helping to keep glass panes separated and warm edge spacers moisture tight and allow no argon gas transmission for maximum effectiveness.

Rene Aerts
Sr. Application Technical Service Engineer

Rene joined Avery Dennison in 2015 as an Application and Technical Service Engineer.
He is currently providing technical support to customers in the Benelux, Italy and South-Germany. He has been active for more than 35 years in the chemical industry in a variety of technical roles and has a broad knowledge of various materials. He is passionate about working together with the customer to find the right solution for his particular application.



  • Ultra-high barrier to moisture with market leading properties
  • Negligible thermal bridge compared to aluminum or stainless steel foil laminates
  • Low gas permeation
  • Exceptional surface treatment to enhance adhesion to sealants and spacer
  • Very high resistance to corrosion


  • Easy installation of frame spacers for glass, helping to save time and resources.
  • Suitable for automated installation
  • Accommodate stress induced by thermal expansion and pressure differentials
  • Enables insulation that reduces heat loss and prevents formation of interior condensation
  • Contributes to green credentials of buildings


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