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Weather strips & seals

Weather strips provide important protection from the elements to windows and doors by helping to seal gaps.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes offers a full line of specially formulated high-performance pressure-sensitive tapes for the installation of peel and stick weather stripping, which are typically made of EPDM foams. Our double coated, rubber based adhesive scrim tapes, with excellent weather and plasticizer resistance, offer a versatile solution for weather strips and other applications based on EPDM foams.

Johan Poelmans
Application Technical Service Engineer

Johan Poelmans joined Avery Dennison in June 2021 as an Application & Technical Service Engineer for Scandinavia and East-European market.
More than 18 years experience in pressure-sensitive adhesives in areas such as R&D and technical support, strong technical background in various sectors (automotive, building & construction, general industry) and also expertise in some specific tape segments.
Committed to finding the most suitable tape solution in relation to the application of the customer.

Peel and stick weather stripping made easy with high-performance tapes


  • High bond strength and high tack
  • Good peel and aging resistance, as well as resistance to plasticizers
  • Strong dimensional stability


  • Easy to apply with no curing time.
  • Allows strong bonding to EPDM strips that form the seal around door and window frames
  • Scrim prevents stretching of foam during application
  • Long term resistance to plasticizer migration from the EPDM


F7 666 | FT 7984 High performance scrim tapes

About the product
These are double coated scrim tapes with a hotmelt rubber adhesive. Their high tack and adhesive coat weight provide strong initial adhesion that is maintained over time on many surfaces. The adhesive works very well on rubber foams with high levels of plasticizer migration, while the polyester (F766) and glass fiber (FT 7984, FT 7970) scrim reinforcements offer dimensional stability to its carrier. The FT 7970 tape also offers a polyester film, forming an extra safety barrier. The glassine liners make the products suitable for water jet and die cutting.


Key benefits

  • Strong bonding to uneven surfaces, with extremely high tack
  • Excellent water jet and die cutting characteristics
  • Developed for long lasting performance
  • Resistant to outdoor weather conditions and plasticizer migration


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