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Mechanical insulation

Avery Dennison is aiming to set new standards in mechanical insulation applications, heading towards a greener future. Engineered for use in diverse environments, our solutions are durable, safe and efficient. Explore a range of high-performance tapes that are specially designed for mechanical insulation applications. 


Partnering with Avery Dennison can offer benefits including energy savings, improved performance, emission reduction and condensation control.

Multiple applications

Avery Dennison tape solutions are designed for construction applications like as air tight membrane roof insulation, industrial pipe insulation, closure and adhesive strips for smoke detectors.

Simplified process

The integrated tape solutions from Avery Dennison simplify and enhance the sealing and installation process, which is a key factor in ensuring the seamless application of mechanical insulations.

Condensation control

Our solutions are resilient against outdoor elements. Even under the most challenging conditions like fluctuating temperatures, UV exposure, and moisture from rain or condensation you can rely on our solutions.

Emission reduction

Our performance tapes can be tailored to each installation, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency for every project. Not only does this benefit our customers, but it also contributes to a circular economy.

Case study

Reliable Bonding  of EPDM* with  PSA** Tapes

A guide to contemporary bonding needs in industrial processes with EPDM material and its derivatives, focussed on the lamination with pressuresensitive adhesives for exterior and sealing  applications.

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