Pipe wrapping tapes and closure solutions

When it comes to delivering pipe wrapping tapes and closure solutions, Avery Dennison's focus is on producing high-performance adhesives. This has placed us at the cutting-edge of technology. We have a robust product line in mechanical insulation tapes to improve our customer experience.

Specifications and requirements for pipe sealant tape

Understanding the specifications and requirements of pipe sealant tape is crucial to ensuring optimal performance. These tapes must offer superior adhesion and resist corrosion, moisture and temperature variations. They should also be highly flexible to provide an airtight seal on irregular or complex pipe systems. 

With high initial tack, these solutions are made to stay put. Their versatility is highlighted by their ease of use and conversion. We understand the importance of efficiency. That is why we have engineered these adhesives to offer a quick installation method and speed up the on site processes.

Avery Dennison's pipe sealant tapes not only excel in performance but also in safety. These tapes are engineered to meet the stringent European Standard EN 13501-1, a benchmark for flame retardancy testing. This benchmark categorizes construction materials based on their reaction to fire. The focus of this standard? Ensuring safety in the event of a fire. 

In essence, it measures how a substance will react when exposed to fire - including its ignition time, smoke emission, and heat contribution to the fire. Our pipe sealant tapes stand out as the preferred choice in situations demanding flame resistance due to our adhesives and the use of premium materials in their production.

Uses for pipe wrapping tape

The application of our pipe wrapping tape guarantees improved energy efficiency by ensuring pipes are expertly insulated, reducing thermal transfer and heat loss. Whether it is a commercial skyscraper or a residential building, our pipe wrapping tape delivers high performance. Its flexible and robust design allows it to adapt to the unique shapes and turns of pipe systems, enhancing insulation efficiency.

Featured products

FT 73320

FT 73320

FT 73320 is a double coated tape with a polyester carrier and a high adhesion rubber adhesive, specifically designed for insulation pipe closure applications. The tape can meet relevant flammability requirements in pipe insulation structures.

Key benefits
  • Provides excellent initial adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Suitable for the bonding of PE coated aluminium
  • Facilitates easy removal at point of application (fingerlift system)

FT 21120 FR

FT 21120 FR

FT 21120 FR is a single liner transfer tape featuring our Flame Tough™ Acrylic adhesive. Applications include the mounting of mica and ceramic paper layers in Electric Vehicle batteries and attachment of flame retardant insulation pipes and hoses.

Key benefits
  • Enables composites to pass UL 94 and other flammability requirements 
  • Good moisture resistance 
  • High creep resistance

FT 7930

FT 7930

FT 7930 is a double-coated nonwoven tape with a dispersion-based modified-acrylic adhesive used for bonding polyurethane foam, polyester fibers, felts and fabrics to a wide variety of substrates. Ideal for general purpose foam bonding applications such as gaskets, sound deadening and insulation materials.

Key benefits
  • Excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals, plasticizers, temperature and UV light 
  • Medium resistance to moisture 
  • Good conformability to flat or curved surfaces

Avery Dennison for your pipe wrapping tape manufacturing

At Avery Dennison, we are driven by innovation and problem-solving. Our pipe wrapping tapes are a testament to our dedication to providing industry-leading adhesive solutions. Our tapes are user-friendly, durable and designed to deliver exceptional performance. We leverage materials science and technical expertise to create products designed for the fixation of mechanical insulation and all of your other closure needs.

Beyond providing high-quality products in building and construction, we offer excellent technical support. Our team is always ready to help you navigate challenges and provide recommendations tailored to your unique problems. Avery Dennison is not just a supplier but also a trusted partner and collaborator.

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