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Airtight, breathable membranes

Adhesive closure systems are critical to the success of pipe insulation in buildings. While various methods and materials can be used in insulation depending on the desired requirements and outcome, all systems require a closing solution to protect them from external factors. Various adhesive closure solutions can be used to achieve desired results, with each having a significant impact on the fire resistance rating of a pipe insulation. For marketing leading mechanical insulation systems, we’ve got you covered. 

UV Acrylic tape

The market is currently dominated by various acrylic tapes, known for their reliability, yet sensitive to  weatherability and its effect on the short and long term

Always looking to improve, we developed a new UV acrylic tape programme that's designed specifically for this purpose, and can easily be integrated on the membrane to offer cutting edge installation efficiency, in all conditions.

Key benefits:

  • Good adhesion on the relevant materials
  • Improved application on moist / wet membranes

Featured products

FT 7352

FT 7352 is a double-coated, pure UV-acrylic tape, designed for applications where a high resistance is required.

Key benefits

  • Medium initial adhesion levels on substrates such as PU-ether foams 
  • Excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals, plasticizers, temperature and UV light 
  • High resistance to moisture