Building a sustainable future: Avery Dennison's role in Europe's Green Transition

Climate change is undoubtedly one of the foremost questions of our time, and few companies are failing to heed this Zeitgeist and work to become more sustainable. It’s an environment where climate neutrality is the guiding star. 

Europe's ambitious goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, as outlined in the Green Deal, places sustainability at the forefront. Central to this objective is the transformation of buildings into sustainable, energy-efficient structures. Tapes play a crucial role in this evolution, providing the means to mount and seal insulation materials, ensuring both the safety of technicians and the efficiency of their work.

Aligning with Europe's Green Transition

As a company, Avery Dennison stands at the forefront of Europe's Green Transition, where energy innovation aligns seamlessly with our core ethos. As a company rooted in materials science, sustainability is not just a goal but second nature to us. Our commitment is not merely to respond to the changing world but is an integral part of our identity. Where sustainability is concerned, we pride ourselves on being leaders rather than followers.

Simplifying the sealing and installation process

The integrated tape solutions from Avery Dennison simplify and enhance the sealing and installation process, which is a key factor in making buildings more sustainable. By ensuring insulation functions efficiently, our tapes contribute to energy savings, which, in turn, helps to play an essential role in Europe's push for climate neutrality. What’s more, this focus on energy efficiency extends into the very heart of our production process.

Prioritizing sustainability in production

In producing our tapes, the focus is on the 3Rs (reducing, reusing, and recycling). We've evolved our product portfolio and our production methodologies to prioritize sustainable materials. This helps to ensure that every tape we produce embodies our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. What’s more, we also strive to further champion recycling via our AD Circular program. This program is a testament to our dedication to minimizing waste and promoting circular economy principles.


Tailoring performance tapes for efficiency

At Avery Dennison, we adhere to the principle of using only what's necessary. Our performance tapes are tailored to each installation, therefore we’re able to minimize waste and maximize efficiency for each project. This commitment goes beyond individual projects, however, as we believe that doing this is a crucial step toward progressively reducing the carbon footprint of the building and construction industry as a whole, which as the sector is one of the key contributors toward climate change has significant societal implications.


Ease of installation

Avery Dennison's Performance Tapes transforming efficiency in mechanical insulation.