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Automotive tapes for steering wheel components

Michel Ravers
Application Technical Service Manager

Michel joined Avery Dennison in 1990 as part of the R&D team.
For 24 years he has been active in development of adhesives & tapes for automotive and industrial applications.
After R&D he moved into a technical service role for automotive and industrial customers and since 2 years he's leading the European technical service team.

Avery Dennison has a range of high performance adhesive tapes for the manufacture and assembly of steering wheel heating, sensing and other components. Our products meet many OEM specifications.

Adhesives engineered to last longer

Compared to those of generations past, modern vehicles are driven longer and harder. Vehicle platforms have a longer lifetime, supporting a wider range of vehicle types, and individual vehicles are expected to perform longer under increasing wear and tear conditions with the proliferation of ride sharing and growing used vehicle marketplace.

At the same time, the focus on improving passenger and pedestrian safety has increased the demand on safety systems to detect and reduce the impact of if not avoid accidents. These passive and active systems are being integrated with more parts of the vehicle, and the steering wheel is no exception. To manage costs and limit weight, adhesive tapes are increasingly being used to bond materials throughout the vehicle. These tapes must be designed, manufactured and proven to perform across the vehicle’s growing lifespan without compromising the performance of the safety systems, through a range of challenging environmental conditions.

Performance tapes for steering wheel components

From a simple molding, steering wheels have evolved to become a complex part, made up of many functional layers, each bringing its own bonding challenge. 

Our range of adhesives address all the bonding needs of these layers. From PU and PE foams to non-woven heating and Hands Off Detection wraps, artificial leather to natural, we have a solution compatible with every process step in producing multi-functional steering wheels.


Feature: Adhesives built for the demands of heat shielding

As cars and trucks have evolved, heat shielding has become ever more critical to vehicle performance. Increasing electrification and use of turbochargers in smaller engines means vehicles tend to produce more heat, underscoring the need for additional shielding. Read and discover what Avery Dennison products are best suited for the application.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives for industrial polyurethanes

It can be a challenge to find the correct adhesive when bonding to materials like foam. Adhesive bonding studies have shown the performance of our Pressure-Sensitive adhesives when combined with a range of materials from the PORON® series.

Feature: As Automobiles Turn Up the Heat, Performance Adhesives Shine

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