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Automotive tapes for seat heating components

Avery Dennison produces high-performance seat heating bonding tapes used in the manufacture and assembly of vehicle seat heaters and other components. Our products meet many OEM specifications.

Michel Ravers
Application Technical Service Manager

Michel joined Avery Dennison in 1990 as part of the R&D team.
For 24 years he has been active in development of adhesives & tapes for automotive and industrial applications.
After R&D he moved into a technical service role for automotive and industrial customers and since 2 years he's leading the European technical service team.

Adhesives should be engineered to last longer

Compared to those of generations past, modern vehicles are driven longer and harder. Vehicle platforms have a longer lifetime, individual vehicles have a longer lifetime, and many vehicles are being subjected to increasing wear and tear with the proliferation of ride sharing and a growing used vehicle marketplace.

At the same time, in an effort to manage costs and limit weight, many suppliers and manufacturers are turning to adhesive tapes to bond materials throughout the vehicle. These tapes must be manufactured and proven to perform across the vehicle’s growing lifespan, and through a range of challenging environmental conditions.

Performance tapes for heated seat components

Avery Dennison tape solutions can be die cut and laminated to heating components, then sent to a seat manufacturer for further assembly.

The acrylic adhesives used with these tapes offer a secure bond to materials commonly used in the application, such as polyurethane. They are engineered to be effective throughout the life of the vehicle, while meeting a variety of OEM VOC emissions specifications.

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