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Temporary protection

During transportation from the automative manufacturing plant to the dealer, temporary adhesive solutions are utilized to protect the vehicle finish. This is done to reduce chances of damage to the paintwork during the journey itself, and for protection during storage upon arrival. These adhesives may stay in place for days or years, depending on the situation. Pressure-sensitive tapes from Avery Dennison deliver the adhesion that is required to perform and can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

Rene Aerts
Sr. Application Technical Service Engineer

Rene joined Avery Dennison in 2015 as an Application and Technical Service Engineer.
He is currently providing technical support to customers in the Benelux, Italy and South-Germany. He has been active for more than 35 years in the chemical industry in a variety of technical roles and has a broad knowledge of various materials. He is passionate about working together with the customer to find the right solution for his particular application.

Application summary

A proven and critical component in protective covers and shields.


  • A range of differentially coated rubber and acrylic based tapes for secure bonding of PET nonwovens, PP films and PE foams to automotive coated panels and plastic parts
  • Robust PSA tapes that can withstand temperature extremes, strong sunlight, high humidity and high shear forces
  • Range includes thin and flexible tapes for conformable foams and nonwoven covers
  • Controlled release liners allow for easy removal at point of application
  • Adhesives formulated for optimal cohesive strength


  • Secure protective component lamination and attachment with no heat or cure time
  • Easy application with low release liners and optional fingerlift features
  • Compatible with common automotive top coats
  • Removable after use without leaving adhesive residues
  • Industry proven; our tapes are applied to protective solutions that are approved by and in use with leading automotive OEMs


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