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Vehicle number plates present more challenges than one might think. Over a vehicle's lifetime, or at the very least the period between changes of registration, they need to stand up to an array of harsh conditions such as UV light, weather, chemicals and road hazards.

This will ensure that number plates avoid common durability issues such as delamination and warping, allowing the plate to perform to the applicable legislation on traffic management and safety.

Adhesive tape solutions play a key role in the assembly of laminated number plates. These solutions must offer high compatibility with materials commonly used in number plate production, including PET plastic, PMMA acrylic, reflective materials and inks.

Our tapes for number plate applications have been specifically developed and carry a proven track record in the European automotive marketplace. These products meet many national standards, and can help plate constructions meet regulatory certifications.

Michel Ravers
Application Technical Service Manager

Michel joined Avery Dennison in 1990 as part of the R&D team.
For 24 years he has been active in development of adhesives & tapes for automotive and industrial applications.
After R&D he moved into a technical service role for automotive and industrial customers and since 2 years he's leading the European technical service team.

Application summary

A proven and critical component in number plate assembly.


  • Pure acrylic adhesives available in a variety of roll widths
  • High resistance to UV light, weather, chemicals and impact caused by road hazards
  • Specifically developed product range made to stringent specifications
  • Compatibility with materials used in number plate production – PET plastic, PMMA acrylic, reflective materials and inks
  • Optimized for die cutting operations


  • Enables number plates to avoid common performance issues such as delamination, warping
  • Facilitates easy and reliable transfer of reflective film to number plates
  • Controlled liner release allows for easier processing of parts
  • High shear resistance enables number plates to meet bending requirements such as BS AU 145e

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