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Badges, emblems & body side moldings

From badges and vehicle model names to various body side moldings that enhance appearance and increase protection of parts such as doors, there are many fixtures that require bonding to vehicle exteriors.

These components must remain attached for the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, which over time will encounter harsh environmental conditions relating to temperature, UV, chemicals and more.

Avery Dennison offers a range of double coated and acrylic adhesive foams to meet these demands, our products being capable of bonding badges, emblems and body side moldings to low surface energy substrates such as dirt resistant paints and PP parts.

We also provide tapes to protect emblems and logos during transit, and to assist with accurate positioning on the vehicle.

Andrew Christie 
Market Segment Manager Automotive

Andrew Christie is the Market Segment Manager responsible for the Automotive Market at Avery Dennison Performance Tapes. He has introduced many innovative solutions to the market including light weight acoustical materials and sustainable seat fabrics. His commitment to the industry continues with delivering pressure sensitive adhesives that address the challenges facing the automotive industry today.

Application summary

Enabling lifetime adhesion of badges, emblems and body side moldings.


  • Comprehensive portfolio, including solutions which enable lamination to low surface energy substrates
  • High resistance to cold and hot temperatures, chemicals and UV
  • High bond strength for extended performance over the vehicle’s lifetime
  • Market leading application engineering and technical support


  • Safe and secure attachment of badges, emblems and body side moldings that stand the test of time
  • Enables accurate positioning of badges and emblems to ensure brand and visual consistency of all vehicle models
  • Protection of logos and emblems during transit 
  • Suitable for manual or automated application

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