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Automotive Mirror Mounting & Bonding Tapes & Adhesives

Modern vehicles are driven for long periods in varying environments, leaving them subjected to increasing wear and tear. Therefore, seemingly simple components such as mirror bonding adhesives need to be engineered to perform well for more demanding lifespans. Avery Dennison provides specially formulated acrylic adhesives in double coated foam and filmic constructions for the optimal assembly of industry-leading automotive mirrors. Our adhesives are designed to perform against a variety of stress factors, from elevated heat and humidity to impact. They also ensure assemblies comply with regional and international standards governing their safe use and operation.

Andrew Christie 
Market Segment Manager Automotive

Andrew Christie is the Market Segment Manager responsible for the Automotive Market at Avery Dennison Performance Tapes. He has introduced many innovative solutions to the market including light weight acoustical materials and sustainable seat fabrics. His commitment to the industry continues with delivering pressure sensitive adhesives that address the challenges facing the automotive industry today.

Application summary

Industry leading adhesives for industry leading mirrors


  • Heat, humidity and solvent resistance
  • Very aggressive adhesive with high tack for strong, permanent bonds and peel resistance
  • Foam carriers used to provide excellent line-to-line fit
  • Industry proven solution, passing stringent OEM specifications


  • Built to resist the curved surfaces of mounting plates
  • Able to retain glass fragments and prevent separation should a mirror be broken
  • Customisable properties, allowing us to work with you to meet unique specifications

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