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Heat shield

Avery Dennison provides a full suite of adhesive solutions engineered for heat shield applications, from laminating heat resistant materials to tapes for mounting foil or composite materials on any vehicle. From innovative technologies enabling drastic, effective heat reduction capabilities to tear resistant liners and lightweight properties, our adhesive heat shield solutions fit any need.

Andrew Christie 
Market Segment Manager Automotive

Andrew Christie is the Market Segment Manager responsible for the Automotive Market at Avery Dennison Performance Tapes. He has introduced many innovative solutions to the market including light weight acoustical materials and sustainable seat fabrics. His commitment to the industry continues with delivering pressure sensitive adhesives that address the challenges facing the automotive industry today.


  • An extensive portfolio that includes solutions for LSE substrates, all available in wide web format
  • High temperature performance to work with shielding capable of heat reduction from 330°C to 60°C
  • Selected liners for high tear resistance and seamless application
  • Secure and long-lasting bonding, even when exposed to the harsh conditions within the vehicle such as automotive fluids and heat


  • Effective heat protection for heat sensitive components and plastics
  • Variable characteristics, capable of laminating heat shield layers together or alternatively mounting heat shield to car components
  • Excellent adhesion to glass fiber and other complex surfaces
  • Reduced assembly time and chance of injury compared to mechanically attached shields
  • Easy to apply through easy-to-use (peel off) liners
  • Available in various constructions, suitable for laminating onto polyester or glass fiber felts during manufacturing

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