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Brake shim

Avery Dennison has a complete portfolio of specifically formulated automotive brake shim adhesives with differentiated properties to provide optimal performance and meet your needs. From vibration damping for high performance needs with silicone to cold start solutions with acrylic, we provide a variety of innovative damping solutions tailored for the brake shim production process.

Michel Ravers
Application Technical Service Manager

Michel joined Avery Dennison in 1990 as part of the R&D team.
For 24 years he has been active in development of adhesives & tapes for automotive and industrial applications.
After R&D he moved into a technical service role for automotive and industrial customers and since 2 years he's leading the European technical service team.


Application summary

Our bespoke automotive brake shim adhesives’ key characteristics.


  • Proprietary acrylic- and silicone-based adhesives that meet OEM and aftermarket damping requirements
  • Bespoke release liners for easy removal at point of application
  • Optimized for resistance and longevity to ensure sustained performance over time
  • Viscoelastic responsiveness to ensure damping under targeted conditions 
  • Engineered through cutting-edge R&D that contributes to system damping behavior 


  • Customizable solutions to achieve desired properties for variable frequency and temperature ranges
  • Customizable with logos and colors to support automated optical recognition manufacturing processes
  • High temperature damping up to 250°C and low temperature down to -5 °C
  • Tailoring capabilities to allow for ease of conversion, lamination, stamping and liner removal
  • Contributes to the quiet ride that OEMs and their customers demand


Brake shim adhesives - engineered to reduce noise, vibration and harshness

Video showcasing the performance of noise, vibration and harshness adhesive materials