Automotive Noise & Vibration Damping Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison offers variety of adhesive tape products that can help vehicle engineers reduce the levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in their designs.

Our NVH solutions address three key areas of engineer focus.

Acoustical absorption and isolation

Our pressure-sensitive adhesives are engineered for high performance with a wide range of substrates. This includes the open-cell foams and felts being specified more frequently by OEMs for noise absorption/isolation, both inside and outside the vehicle cabin. The structure of these foams is often a bonding challenge for more traditional adhesives.

Buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR)

Our pressure- sensitive adhesives are also an effective solution for bonding needs related to BSR issues. As engineers turn more frequently to adhesive-backed flocks and felts to reduce BSR between vehicle components, they can also count on Avery Dennison for high-performance adhesives.

Vibration damping materials

Avery Dennison has a long history as a producer of specialty adhesives for brake shims. Today, engineers can rely on us for a broad spectrum of needs. Our viscoelastic adhesives can be custom-engineered; tuned to cancel vibrations in a variety of rigid components.

As OEMs specify greater use of lightweight metals and electric vehicles gain market share, vibration damping opportunities will increase in kind. We’ll continue to meet the industry’s need for versatile and customizable adhesive solutions.

Custom solutions for specific needs

Avery Dennison can collaborate with vehicle engineers to provide customized NVH solutions. As a materials science and automotive solutions leader, our technical capabilities span product R&D to one-to-one customer service and support.

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