Research & development capabilities

The Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Innovation Center is where new ideas come to life. It’s where we design our adhesives, starting at the molecular level. And it’s where we test and prototype state-of-the-art materials that help OEMs, tiers, and tape converters solve their most challenging applications.

The Innovation Center also plays a critical role in our development of custom solutions for your business. 


Our capabilities include:

  • ISO 17025-certified laboratory
  • Traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive bulk property testing (peel, tack and shear)
  • Environmental conditioning (temperature, humidity, UV, chemical and more)
  • Flame performance and dielectric strength testing at the tape and composite level

The Innovation Center is grouped into four main areas: a general laboratory, a synthesis laboratory, an analytical laboratory, and a TAPPI laboratory.

General laboratory

All requests begin in our general lab area. This is where tape constructions undergo mechanical testing to replicate the environmental conditions that can affect everything from the ease of the liner’s removal to the strength of the adhesive bond. It’s also where we begin to develop or enhance material properties specific to an application. 

From here, we may perform additional testing in our synthesis, analytical and TAPPI labs. 

Synthesis laboratory

The Synthesis lab is where we do research and development in molecular chemistry and polymer science. We design new adhesive platforms here and use the lab’s capabilities to adjust properties of existing adhesives to meet the requirements of an application.

This is also where we study the adhesive polymer to predict certain mechanical properties. We might, for example, investigate whether a pressure-sensitive adhesive will be permanent or removable. Or, we might look at how an adhesive will perform in high temperatures.

Analytical laboratory

The Analytical lab is the home of material analysis. This is where we analyze the chemical composition and physical properties of adhesives and tape constructions.  

The lab also plays an important role in validating adhesives formulas, raw materials, and benchmarking adhesives.

TAPPI laboratory

The TAPPI lab is where we test finished pressure-sensitive adhesive properties and evaluate tape constructions against substrates such as plastic, steel, and glass. It’s also where we test the effects of exposure to extreme environmental conditions. 

The TAPPI Lab maintains a consistent level of temperature and humidity. This laboratory complies with ISO standards of certification and accreditation for testing in strictly controlled environmental conditions.