Felt and foam bonding

From branding adhesives and graphic adhesives to branding bonding solutions and graphic mounting tape, our white good adhesive solutions outperform traditional mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives. Whether used for assembly, mounting, fastening or sealing, our products guarantee reliability, durability and high bonding strength that will ensure you achieve the right results.

Advantages include high bonding strength, ability to withstand high levels of vibration and durable sealing against environmental conditions.

Marco Ditroia
Application Technical Service Engineer

Marco Ditroia is the Application and Technical Service Engineer responsible for the Iberian region at Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Europe.
Being active for more than 30 years in the self-adhesive industry in several areas such as quality, sales and marketing, he built a strong technical background in various sectors and also expertise in some specific segments.
He is technical and customer minded and he his goal is to help you finding the tape solution that fits your needs.



  • Acrylic and rubber based soft formulations, perfect for open foam structures
  • Tapes with very high initial tack performance
  • Heat resistance and environmental durability for high temperature and exposed applications
  • Flame retardant solutions with a very low caloric value and low burning rate


  • Superior to mechanical fasteners that normally require drilling and damage to the substrate
  • Easy to apply with high initial tack and low cure time
  • Compatible with a wide variety of substrates
  • Manufactured to support sound and heat insulation and shielding


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