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Anti-counterfeiting technology


Quin Dams
Market Segment Manager Building & Construction / General Industrial

Quin is passionate about technical building applications since he designed and built his family home back in 2012.
Professionally, Quin held several positions as Product Manager responsible for the product life cycle of many technical applications related to the building environment, namely in adhesives, lighting and plastics.
He joined Performance Tapes Europe as a Market Segment Manager for tape applications in the construction and industrial markets where he teams up with customers and R&D to achieve tape solutions that improve the installation of buildings and related products and processes.

Counterfeiting poses a major threat to organizations operating across a huge range of sectors and verticals, something which the anti-counterfeiting technology market is addressing with increasing sophistication and vigor.

According to the OECD, the trade in fake goods accounts for at least 3.3% of all global trade and is growing in prominence, with more and more items being subject to fakery. From branded clothing and spirits to passports and medicines, there are few product categories that have not been targeted by counterfeiting.

Several players are resultantly developing and producing overt and covert anti-counterfeiting technology solutions. Many attach to items so that their authenticity can be proven and fraudulent activity prevented – these include ‘narrow-web’ holograms, holographic foil, void labels, tax stamps, smart embossings, and more.

Avery Dennison produces a range of tapes specially designed for the bonding of anti-counterfeiting solutions to products. Our thin transfer tapes are made with solvent pure acrylic, offering a range of critical characteristics that make them ideal for attaching anti-counterfeiting components. .


Perfect optical transparency

Our range of anti-counterfeiting technology tapes provide perfect optical transparency to ensure they avoid interfering with holographic effects.

Tamper security built in

High resistance to extreme temperatures allows adhesives to resist attempts of removing anti-counterfeiting security features by freezing and heating. Our tapes are suitable for ultra-destructible surface bonding and allow for removal attempts to be noticed.

Excellent resistance

As well as withstanding high and low temperatures, Avery Dennison’s anti-counterfeiting technology adhesives provide strong resistance to solvents, chemicals, plasticizers, moisture and UV-light.

Easy to apply

Our thin transfer tapes offer good conformability to flat or curved surfaces with easy liner removal at point of use, allowing for quick and efficient application of anti-counterfeiting solutions to products.

Grounded in clear values

You might say we hold it all together. Our business operates in the Avery Dennison tradition of breakthrough innovation, deep application expertise, and standard-setting customer service and collaboration.



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