Specialized tape solutions for HVAC systems (HVAC tapes) can greatly assist their installation and operational efficiency.



Crucial to their performance, ranges of HVAC tapes must cover a host of properties – airtightness, heat resistance, flame retardancy and moisture-proofing, among others. Just one weak link can be the difference between success and failure.

Avery Dennison provides highly specialized adhesive tapes which support a multitude of HVAC applications, providing high-strength adhesion across a wide temperature range. From flame retardant piping insulation to ventilation air ducts, our tapes help to optimize the efficiency of entire HVAC systems. 

Whatever your HVAC project, contractors can choose from a complete line of foil, FSK, film and cloth duct tapes, all of which stand up to strict performance standards.  

Adhesive performance

Avery Dennison’s HVAC tapes operate with high adhesion in extreme conditions – whether at extremely low temperatures or being applied in excessive heat and humidity, our tapes will perform in any HVAC system.

Sound reputation

Ever since our founding, Avery Dennison has built a reputation for customer-focused innovation. We provide solutions to problems, and our specialized HVAC tapes are specially designed to support specific applications that can greatly impact the installation and performance of HVAC systems.

Technical support

As with all Avery Dennison products, customers choosing our HVAC tapes are supported by world-class technical assistance. We understand the challenges and situations faced on industrial sites, and can recommend solutions and provide technical assistance physically and remotely when required.

Peace of mind

HVAC contractors can operate in the knowledge that all our HVAC adhesive are developed with quality, sustainability and durability at the forefront of our thinking.

Case studies


Indoor Air Quality – Low VOC

From automotive to building and construction, the materials used in many industries can release potentially harmful pollutants – VOCs – that lead to short- and long-term health problems. 



Grounded in clear values

You might say we hold it all together. Our business operates in the Avery Dennison tradition of breakthrough innovation, deep application expertise, and standard-setting customer service and collaboration.


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