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Why are building envelope tapes important? Sound building envelopes are fundamental to the all-round performance of a building and should be based on materials and designs that are climate-appropriate, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes provides a range of building envelope tapes and building envelope adhesives to support a range of applications. These include solutions to assist with membrane splicing, crucial to ensuring airtightness which is fundamental to effective ventilation, temperature control and indoor air quality.

We are constantly innovating and producing building envelope tapes and adhesives that are suitable for application on every element – roofs, sub floors, exterior doors, windows and exterior walls.


Whatever the application, you can rely on Avery Dennision technology




Assisting airtightness

Our building envelope adhesives play a crucial role in applying membranes to structures such as roofs and walls, helping to eliminate gaps in the envelope to avoid ingress of air and moisture.

Easy to use

Avery Dennison’s building envelope tapes, including those for roof membrane splicing and moisture barrier splicing, are easy to use and make building professionals’ lives easier – they are color coded and can be torn by hand.

Broad product range

We offer a myriad of adhesive products geared towards the building envelope to help you with a range of applications, including several solutions designed for keeping structures airtight which are easily identifiable by color.

Technical support

Customers choosing our building envelope adhesives are supported by world-class technical assistance. We understand the challenges and situations faced in making building envelopes structurally sound and airtight, and can recommend solutions and provide technical assistance physically and remotely when required.


Case studies



Avery Dennison’s Fasson mechanical insulation tapes serve a variety of use cases, including

mechanical piping and equipment, HVAC systems and refrigeration, and low temperature piping and equipment.

Optimizing building efficiency through roof membrane splicing

From reduced energy efficiency to the deterioration of insulation, tapes are critical to preventing the adverse effects of poor airtightness. 

Grounded in clear values

You might say we hold it all together. Our business operates in the Avery Dennison tradition of breakthrough innovation, deep application expertise, and standard-setting customer service and collaboration.



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