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Optical - Surface saver

Optical lenses are highly delicate components that require the utmost care. To support lens manufacturers in preventing damage and maintaining lens integrity, we offer a broad suite of high-performance lens surface saver tapes for use during key processes such as lens grinding.

Bonding securely to alloys/supports, peeling cleanly and easily post grinding, our specially formulated optical tapes are here to make your life easier.

Marco Ditroia
Application Technical Service Engineer

Marco Ditroia is the Application and Technical Service Engineer responsible for the Iberian region at Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Europe.
Being active for more than 30 years in the self-adhesive industry in several areas such as quality, sales and marketing, he built a strong technical background in various sectors and also expertise in some specific segments.
He is technical and customer minded and he his goal is to help you finding the tape solution that fits your needs.

Application summary

Applying robust lens surface savers with high performance optical tapes.


  • Delivers secure bonding to ensure lens and surface savers are locked in place under high stress or load
  • Embodies easy peel characteristics to enhance process efficiencies
  • Optical tapes are customizable, including color tinting for ease of identification
  • Heat sensitive properties to encourage temporary bonding to production alloys


  • Optical tapes are highly conformable to convex substrates
  • Manufactured to deblock easily from alloys
  • Adheres well to both the lens and alloy to guarantee strong bonds
  • Easy-peel liners that leave no damages or residue
  • Customizable to specific production processes and equipment – for example, our optical tapes can be delivered either with or without liners


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