Enabling the easy installation of sanitizer dispensers

In a world where hygiene protocols are critical to public places such as offices, hospitality venues and schools, hand sanitizing dispensers are now commonplace throughout these buildings. Often attached to walls and surfaces with mechanical fastenings, Avery Dennison’s tapes offer a far more convenient, clean and efficient way of mounting these sanitization units.

Quin Dams
Market Segment Manager, Building & Construction
IHM, Performance Tapes Europe, Avery Dennison

Quin is passionate about technical building applications since he designed and built his family home back in 2012. Professionally, Quin held several positions as Product Manager responsible for the product life cycle of many technical applications related to the building environment, namely in Adhesives, Lighting and Plastics. He joined Performance Tapes Europe as a market segment manager for tape applications in the construction and industrial markets where he teams up with customers and R&D to achieve tape solutions that improve the installation performance and sustainability of buildings and related products and processes.


Bonding of Sanitizer Dispensers: The Problem

Hygiene demands in public spaces have never been higher.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, offices, hospitality venues, schools, shops and all kinds of other busy buildings must be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping occupants and visitors safe. 

One simple and effective solution has been to install hand sanitizing stations at entrances, in bathrooms and other busy parts of these venues. These allow building entrants to quickly and conveniently sanitize their hands, to help reduce the chance of inadvertently spreading or catching the virus within its confines. 

Hand sanitizer dispensers are commonly attached to walls and surfaces through the use of mechanical fastenings. But there are simpler and smarter ways of mounting or bonding these products.

Mechanical fastenings require several holes to be drilled, which not only takes time and specialist expertise, but also has the potential to create mess and damage surfaces, especially bathroom mirrors.

Furthermore, mechanically secured hand sanitizer units are often difficult to remove, which can cause issues when they need to be taken off the wall or surface for refilling, repairing or moving to another area.

Bonding of Sanitizer Dispensers: The Solution

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes produces a full suite of alternative adhesive solutions which are readymade for bonding hand sanitizer dispensers to walls and other surfaces.

Our tapes feature high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives designed for reliability and durability. They act as an alternative to items such as screws and nails and typically allow for fast and easy installation without damaging walls or delicate surfaces such as mirrors.

These tapes also enable fast and easy removal of hand sanitizer units – something that is often needed for refilling, or when moving the unit so that it may be used in another part of the room or building.

Despite appearing to be a simple solution, there are a range of adhesive types for these applications, and our team is on hand to help you select the bonding tape that best fits your needs. 

Factors determining the appropriate tape product include mounting surface, material to be mounted, force or weight exerted on the adhesive, and service conditions.

This is why we have developed a large portfolio of tapes based on different PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) technologies which can bond to a range of various metals, plastics and other materials.


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