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News release: Europe’s largest Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) platform is now operational


Another step towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

TURNHOUT, Belgium - September 6, 2023 - Avery Dennison, a global packaging and materials manufacturer, achieved a major milestone today. We are thrilled to announce the official commissioning of our Concentrated Solar Technology (CST) and Thermal Storage Platform, Europe's largest CST platform in an industrial setting.

An impressive array of 2,240 surface mirrors deliver a remarkable peak yield of 2.7 MWh of thermal power. Additionally, we have installed six thermal storage modules with a combined capacity of 5 MWh of thermal power. This zero-carbon solar energy serves as a heat source for the drying ovens that are crucial to the coating process of our pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) products. 

The renewable energy platform, consisting of a CST field and Thermal Storage unit, covers roughly 5,540 square meters on site. In operation, the total installation will provide heat equivalent to 2.3 GWh of gas consumption, reducing the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 9 percent annually when compared to current rates. 

Mariana Rodriguez, our General Manager of Avery Dennison PTEU and Tinne Van der Straeten, the Belgian Minister of Energy proudly showcased the renewable energy platform last week. At Avery Dennison, we're not taking this journey alone but in close collaboration with our partners – Azteq BV, Campina Energie cv, and Energynest. We would like to thank everyone for the positive attention and feedback. 


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