How we’re answering questions about Fas-Flex™ Plate Mounting Tapes


Since launching the Fas-Flex Plate Mounting Tapes Portfolio I’ve visited label converters across the country who’ve made the switch. They’ve shared with me stories of how Fas-Flex has helped improve their efficiency and increase their margins—all while delivering a crisper image and less uncontrolled dot gain than other tapes.

They’ve also asked some great questions. Here are some of the key points I’ve used when responding, helping explain how Fas-Flex works and all it offers.

Yes, Fas-Flex is less “sticky” than other tapes. That means you can simply reposition the tape if it’s misaligned. Yet, it’s engineered to stay on the cylinder under normal operating conditions. Because it’s pressure-sensitive, simply apply pressure with a squeegee or roller to make the adhesive wet out and achieve the ultimate adhesion required for strong bonding.

We offer just three products for simplicity. The three products (soft, medium and hard) in the Fas-Flex portfolio can handle as many applications as the 10 or 15 you’ll find in any competing portfolio. Ordering (directly from Avery Dennison) is much easier, and you only have to stock three tapes for virtually anything that comes your way.

You can buy just what you need. Order Fas-Flex pre-cut in any width from five to 27 inches and in quantities as small as a single roll. You’ll avoid having to cut standard rolls and stock odd-size leftovers.

Switching out tapes is easy. Our team will work with you—in your shop—to make the transition smooth. Fact is, we have a vested interest in making it easy to switch.

Customers are seeing productivity gains. In one trial, we ran a customer’s press about 10 percent faster with Fas-Flex, avoiding the vibrations, gear marks, banding and chatter that occurred with their previous tape. That speed meant about three extra rolls of labels printed over an eight hour shift; increasing productivity and, potentially, capacity.

The vibration damping not only increases speed and makes operators’ lives easier, it creates a great canvas they can turn into art. The repositionability offers productivity gains as well. Misalign a competitor’s product, and figure $75 to $100 in wasted product and added labor. Misalign Fas-Flex, and simply pull the tape and reposition it. There’s no wasted product and minimal added labor.

To learn more about Fas-Flex Plate Mounting Tape contact your Avery Dennison sales representative or look under “Industries” and “Print & Packaging” on the site.

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