Case Study: Fas-Flex™ Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape



A converter using 3M’s 1115 flexographic plate mounting tape on its Mark Andy 4150 press had to frequently shutdown the press to remount the tape while running at 270 feet per minute. This was causing higher scrap rates due to poorly printed labels and wasted tape.


The converter agreed to trial the new Avery Dennison Select Solutions Fas-Flex 8615S, the comparable tape to 3M’s 1115, with the following results.

Improved Label Quality

  • Dampened vibrations reduced chatter defects per label

  • Less chatter and fewer shutdowns resulted in a noticeably better print quality

Time and Cost Savings

  • No need for the operator to start over if a mistake is made (saved 30 minutes per application)

  • Removed added cost of scrapping misapplied mountingtape

Increased Printing Speeds

  • Press ran 10% faster, adding 30-45 minutes of print time per 8-hour shift

  • Faster speeds helped the customer turnaround jobs quicker, adding press capacity


FF 8615S was qualified by the customer and displaced the incumbent 3M 1115.

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