Automotive Brake Shim Adhesive Tapes for Vibration Damping

Avery Dennison designs and produces adhesive tape products for brake shim vibration damping, including options that can accommodate a variety of temperature and frequency ranges. Our products meet many OEM specifications and allow for efficient conversion.

Rising acoustical standards for brake shim adhesives

Whereas brake noise damping was once a concern primarily in the luxury car space, today’s consumers expect even modestly-priced cars, SUVs and small trucks to deliver a quiet ride. As a result, OEMs are raising acoustical standards throughout their fleets. This includes lower tolerance for brake noise.

This challenge is compounded by other factors, including the increased use of electronic brake components and the need for brake components to perform at cold and hot temperatures. Also, the electrification of powertrains is eliminating a source of white noise that has historically helped mask brake noise.

A wide range of solutions

Avery Dennison has a long history of providing noise damping products for brake applications. Today, we offer a wide range of solutions.

These feature our proprietary acrylic- and silicone-based adhesives that meet OEM and aftermarket damping requirements. These solutions can be tailored to allow for ease of conversion, including lamination, stamping and liner removal.

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