Low Surface Energy Bonding Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison offers a high-performance acrylic adhesive engineered for bonding with low surface energy (LSE) plastics while also offering heat resistance, holding power, and ease of converting.

LSE plastics present a challenge to effective bonding

LSE plastics such as polypropylene, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) are typically low-cost, easy-to-process and chemical-resistant. These features make the materials increasingly popular for use in a wide range of applications.

These plastics, however, present a challenge to adhesive bonding. Their composition and surface inhibits the “wetting out” necessary to form a stable, lasting bond with most adhesives. Standard acrylics provide a balance of adhesion and performance properties for many applications, but generally do not bond well to LSE plastics. Acrylics specially engineered for use with LSE plastics are often difficult to be converted. Rubber-based adhesives may bond well with LSE plastics, but have poor resistance to temperature, weather and chemicals.

Our proprietary solution: High Performance Acrylic

Avery Dennison offers a proprietary, High Performance Acrylic (HPA™) adhesive polymer technology that addresses these issues.

Engineered for use with LSE plastics, it delivers superior initial tack and long-term adhesion and holding power, even under high temperature and harsh environmental conditions. It also supports efficient converting, with minimal oozing, effective for producing small die-cut parts at faster processing speed.

The bottom line is a unique combination of features: LSE performance; resistance to chemicals, weather and heat; and ease of converting.