Feature: Get to Know Our Building and Construction Team

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These are interesting times for the building and construction industry. As the housing market booms, the industry is dealing with challenges, including a skilled labor shortage, an unprecedented supply chain bottleneck and double-digit inflation in the cost of building materials.

But with challenge comes opportunity. Historically slow to adapt, the building and construction industry has nevertheless begun to look to new technologies to keep itself (and projects) moving forward. We're now seeing virtual meetings, drones for site inspections, autonomous equipment, augmented reality and other technologies all playing a growing role on job sites. 

The materials used in the industry are undergoing an evolution as well. A pre-pandemic survey of construction engineers and architects by the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council hints at this. Eighty-six percent of respondents said they would consider converting to pressure-sensitive tapes from competing bonding solutions such as liquid adhesives, mechanical fasteners and welding. 

It’s no wonder why: tapes offer high performance, durability, low cost, ease of use, lighter weight and a host of other benefits. The construction adhesive tapes segment is expected to grow at a 4.6% CAGR between 2022 and 2027, according to the research firm MarketsandMarkets.

A three-person team taps into the broader capabilities of Avery Dennison

All of this has the Avery Dennison Performance Tapes building and construction team very excited about the future. 

The three-person team is the tip of a proverbial iceberg. It taps deep internal networks to leverage the company’s broad portfolio of products, technical and engineering expertise, research and design capabilities, marketing power, sales and customer support teams, and production/distribution/service programs. The objective? Deliver pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions for the industry, based on real industry needs.

The team orients itself around a mantra of “Identify, Align, Execute.”

  • Identify: The team works closely with those in the industry, visiting job sites, material manufacturers, tape converters, and others to understand and identify key challenges and opportunities.

    Identification is not just a job of the three-member core team. Avery Dennison salespeople, technical support staff, engineers, production team members, and others spend quality time with counterparts and associates at our customers' facilities. This approach enhances the team's ability to understand the needs of the marketplace.

  • Align: The team brings together the right internal resources to discuss identified challenges and opportunities, then explores and designs effective pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions.

    The objective here is to align Avery Dennison products and resources with the needs of the building and construction industry to deliver real solutions to the marketplace, not “shoehorn” unwanted products.

  • Execute: The team works with internal R&D and engineering teams, external vendors, and other parties to develop and market cost-effective solutions.

    Once solutions are in-marketplace, sales, technical support, and other teams work closely with customers to ensure smooth adoption, troubleshoot, and look for the next generation of opportunities. The cycle continues.

Giving converters a distinct advantage

Collaborating with Avery Dennison Performance Tapes gives converters a distinct advantage in the building and construction industry. The Avery Dennison team’s deep understanding of — and alignment with — the needs of the industry, coupled with innovative solutions and an easy-to-use portfolio, means tape converters have much of what they need to succeed in this evolving space.

“Converters have, at their fingertips, a portfolio of solutions based on the marketplace's needs," says Kevin Jewell, building & construction product manager. "There's no need to go hunting for the right product, so they're prepared to quickly and strategically offer solutions ."

Meet the core building and construction team

Kevin Jewell, product manager, brings more than 25 years of commercial experience in the industrial tapes and packaging sectors. A skilled team builder with a proven record of results, Kevin is responsible for growing the Avery Dennison portfolio through strategies centered on customer and marketplace needs. 

Rebecca Blose, business development manager, uses her experience and skills in multiple marketing disciplines to identify, assess, develop and launch new business opportunities focused on customer needs. Rebecca has 20 years of pressure-sensitive adhesive industry experience in technical, sales, and marketing roles.

Dave Shuey, senior application and technical service engineer, is the “face” of the team’s technical side. Dave splits his time between R&D and production, serving as the technical lead for new product development, while also working in the field with customers gaining insights about how Avery Dennison solutions can help them win in this segment. Dave brings nearly 25 years of professional experience, in various operational, technical and engineering roles at Avery Dennison.

To learn more about the building and construction team, our solutions for the industry and how we can work together, contact your Avery Dennison account manager.