Feature: Putting the Pieces Together at the Modular Home Builders Association Annual Meeting

I had the opportunity to attend the Modular Home Builder Association’s (MHBA) annual meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, October 27 and 28. 2021.

The two-day event lets association members — including home builders, manufacturers, individuals, and associates — get up to speed on issues and trends in the modular home segment. As a representative for Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, it was a chance to explore opportunities for our business and look for ways to help the modular home industry grow by adopting high-performance, pressure-sensitive tapes in its design and construction processes.

Modular home is growing

It’s very possible the modular home marketplace may offer exciting opportunities for tape manufacturers and converters for years to come. The industry is expected to grow at a 6.1% CAGR over the next decade, according to a 2020 Fortune Business Insights report. The industry also seems particularly receptive to innovation. Industry leaders understand leveraging new solutions can help enhance their ability to produce high-quality homes using more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing and construction methods.

Meeting highlights

The day one agenda included meeting with other attendees, including many representatives of companies involved in modular home manufacturing and construction. It was a prime opportunity to listen to their vision of the industry's positive direction while better understanding their needs from a design and engineering standpoint. 

Day two featured a series of tabletop discussions and breakout seminars. Among the intriguing themes were the following:

  • Modular homes represent quality. The board of directors of the MBHA meets regularly with federal and local governments. Their mission is to help officials understand modular housing offers a high-quality alternative to stick-built homes. Manufactured homes need to comply with the same building codes and regulations. Quality is on par with any other home.

  • Supply chain issues. The challenge of getting supplies (building and construction, like many industries, is dealing with widespread, global supply chain issues and material shortages) is leading many in the industry to focus on innovation — achieving the same engineering and design objectives with alternative solutions.

  • Building and construction talent shortage. Similar to many industries, building and construction is facing a worker shortage coming out of the pandemic. This is exacerbated by the fact the labor force is aging. Many in the modular home space believe they’re well prepared to respond, as most of the critical steps in construction happen in a factory  controlled environment. The onsite assembly is much simpler than the construction of a stick-built home, requiring less skilled labor. Again, the industry is very receptive to innovative solutions that make the manufacturing and assembly processes easier and more efficient.

Meeting highlights

Adhesives are already in use across many applications in building and construction. But we may  have only scratched the surface. The modular home segment is poised for impressive growth in the coming decade, and many in the industry realize that growth will be driven by innovation. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes offer solutions for a range of applications in the manufacturing and construction of these high-quality homes. 

Rebecca Blose is a business development manager for Avery Dennison Performance Tapes. As a 25-year engineering and quality influencer of technical pressure-sensitive adhesive tape solutions, she focuses on strategic, innovative, and future trend design opportunities within the Building & Construction segment. Platforms, collaboration and creativity drive her contribution. Rebecca can be reached at Rebecca.blose@averydennison.com or via LinkedIn.