Feature: Feature: Don’t Look Back...Mirror Bonding Application Success Ahead

Avery Dennison adhesive products and technical expertise can help you put your competition in the rearview mirror.

Today’s increasingly widespread use of adhesives in vehicles might have been unthinkable a generation ago. But modern adhesive technology is helping to change that landscape. Today, designers have multiple adhesive options that are tailor made for a variety of vehicle applications and certified to OEM specifications. 

For example, take exterior mirror bonding. As vehicles are being driven more miles than ever before (another trend that is driving engineering decisions in the industry), mirrors are subject to even more regular wear and tear; plus extended environmental, chemical, and UV exposure. 

The mirror application thus requires adhesives that not only provide high tack bonding to surfaces such as glass and stainless steel, but high levels of temperature and environmental resistance. Such adhesives are now readily available, and are increasingly being used in vehicles across the world.

Adhesives engineered for the challenges of mirror bonding

Avery Dennison offers a selection of adhesive products precision engineered for mirror bonding applications. These adhesives offer secure component bonding with minimal heat or cure time, which can reduce assembly time and improve manufacturing flexibility. They provide excellent adhesion to glass, ABS, and other materials commonly found in mirror assemblies, along with excellent gap-filling properties for rough and uneven surfaces. All offer high levels of temperature resistance and easily laminate to foams and are easy to die cut—helping to save time and effort in conversion.

Our recommended adhesives for exterior automotive mirror applications include:

  • FM 2454C — This is our go-to workhorse adhesive for a wide range of mirror bonding applications.

  • FM 2504 — An adhesive with slightly higher performance than FM2454C for thin foam applications.

  • FM 2465 — An all new product, this is our strongest and highest-performing adhesive for challenging surfaces such as glass, including for interior mirror applications.

Set apart by service

What truly sets Avery Dennison apart, however, is the service. For many converters, the Avery Dennison Painesville Innovation Center is a value-added benefit that helps them save time and effort, and stretch budgets farther. 

For example, most tiers have defined specifications for adhesive adherence and glass quality. A peel test performed by a third-party lab to satisfy a specification can run $150-$300 per peel. But Avery Dennison offers the laboratory and testing capabilities in-house, at no extra cost to the customer.

A winning combination

A selection of adhesives engineered for the mirror bonding application … service and laboratory offerings that help converters save time, effort, and money … having the products converters need, when they need them. It’s a winning combination for converters serving the automotive industry.

To learn more about Avery Dennison mirror bonding solutions, contact your account manager, or visit tapes.averydennison.com/automirrors.