Feature: New Tapes Featuring Low VOC Adhesives Added to the Core Series™ Portfolio


Looking for an economical option that still provides a secure bond to a variety of foams? Our newest additions to the Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Core SeriesTM Portfolio may be exactly what you’re looking for.

These four new products all feature low VOC acrylic adhesives and Glassine liners. You can choose from a variety of construction options depending on your needs:

Product Number Description
FBA 1118 GL 2.5 mil transfer tape
FBA 8218 GL Double-coated tape with tissue carrier
FBA 7918 GL Double-coated with scrim carrier
FBA 8318 GL Double-coated with PET carrier

These options provide multiple benefits to help enhance adhesive performance in certain applications. For instance, FBA 8318 GL, with its PET carrier, is ideal for keeping foams or other die cut parts from stretching during processing. FBA 1118 GL, on the other hand, is well suited to applications involving contoured surfaces due to the increased flexibility of a transfer tape.

Balancing properties and price

Low VOC acrylic adhesives provide an attractive balance of properties at an economical price. These adhesives are a great choice for bonding to polyether urethane, polyester urethane, and skinned foams. They’re also very compatible with the full spectrum of substrate surface energies, from high to low.

These four products are well suited for applications such as: foam bonding with polyether and polyester urethane, seat heating, flooring, speaker grills, and vinyl.

The growing need for low VOC acrylics

The Core Series™ Portfolio contains a wide range of Avery Dennison technologies. It’s also constantly evolving and growing as your needs evolve and grow. We know that as lightweighting, heat management, electrification and other trends have impacted engineering priorities, OEMs have changed the substrates specified for many applications. One substrate we’ve seen substantial growth in, across many industries, is foams.

It follows that we’ve worked closely with material manufacturers in understanding these trends, and to develop adhesive products that are relevant to the market. Our ongoing bonding studies, held at our ISO 17025 certified Painesville Innovation Center, have reinforced the need for the low VOC acrylic adhesive family within the Core Series Portfolio. 

Our bonding studies have also confirmed that the low VOC acrylic option is an economical solution that will bond to a wide variety of foams, while offering a good balance of properties, and the ability to bond to a wide variety of materials. 

As part of our Core Series Portfolio, FBA 1118 GL, FBA 8218 GL, FBA 7918 GL, and FBA 8318 GL are available with a one-roll minimum order quantity, four-day lead time, and two-year warranty. Sample rolls are available. Contact your Avery Dennison account manager, or visit tapes.averydennison.com/coreseries to learn more.