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More and more, the white goods industry has leaned towards the use of lighter and more efficient materials to manufacture products. One area where this is evident is the use of aluminum foils as heat shields, protecting components from high internal temperatures. For example, in refrigerators aluminum foil is commonly found in control boxes, around defrost heaters, light bulbs and LEDs, and electrical harness connections. If we take a deeper look at the components provided by tier one suppliers, aluminum foil is used in applications that protect air ducts components made of polystyrene; plus you will also find aluminum foil die cuts that serve as patches for the back of the refrigerator (these are commonly applied on the pre-foaming process after having routed all the harnesses, especially in the compressor and condenser areas).Durable automotive labels must cope with conditions in the engine compartment, where temperature extremes and exposure to liquids, including brake fluid and engine oil, can compromise printed information and adhesives, or both. Application areas include fuel cap compartment, tire pressure labels and automotive service labels.

There are many types of substrates and critical-to-quality elements involved in the construction of white goods. For this reason, Avery Dennison offers an array of adhesives such as General Purpose Rubber (excellent for low surface energy substrates and when high tack is needed), General Purpose Acrylic (suited for high temperature and solvent resistance), and High Performance Acrylics (used when higher temperature resistance and holding power are required). All of our aluminum foil tapes feature a liner construction for die cutting purposes.

Material Laminated To


Not Applicable

Material Bonded To


A variety of painted metals and plastics

The Technical Challenges


The pressure-sensitive adhesive product must:

  • Bond to medium surface energy substrates

  • Be tolerant to hot and cold temperatures

  • Act as a heat shield

  • Feature a permanent adhesive

  • Convert easily

  • Exhibit excellent die cutting characteristics

  • Meet FMVSS specification



FL 1002, FL 1008, FL 1000 and FL 1007

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