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The emergence of a e-commerce packaging in all industries has increased the need for pressuresensitive closure systems. Combined with this growth is the increased use of recycled-content liner board and corrugated materials. The higher the recycled content, the more difficult it becomes to bond to the material. The traditional softer adhesives provide more aggressive bonding, but encounter issues with oozing and seasonal conditions while converting. Avery Dennison offers a four-season formulation featuring an easy-to-cut carrier that reduces adhesive buildup on the cutting and taping head. Pattern coating can be utilized to create a finger-lift edge—created at the time the material is produced. If the liner needs to extend past the edge of the box or package, the use of a dry edge (also know as an extended liner or XL) is used. This is a secondary process employed to die cut out the “dry” areas of no adhesive, allowing for the tape to extend past packaging edge.

Material Laminated To

Material Bonded To


Corrugated and Paper Sheet

Corrugated and Paper Sheet (overnight, next-day packaging boxes)

The Technical Challenges


The pressure-sensitive adhesive product must:

  • Bond to low surface energy substrates

  • Have a permanent adhesive bond in harsh and demanding environments

  • Be heat and cold tolerant

  • Convert easily during high speed lamination

  • Have multiple coat weights for bonding to irregular or rough surfaces

  • Exhibit excellent die cutting characteristics

  • Meet specifications for various shipping OEMS

  • Be available in multiple finger-lift configurations


Commercial or Developmental?


FT 8368, FT 8413, FT 9325, FT 8455 (lowest to highest coat weight)


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