Making Adhesive Selection Quick and Simple

How the Avery Dennison Core Series™ Portfolio helps converters easily choose adhesives for applications

Deanne Lewis, Product Manager, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes

For new opportunities , being the first to quote will significantly enhance your chance to win new business. And secondly, if that initial quote identifies the correct solution, your odds for success will increase even more. From my experience, I know this is especially true and important in the converter channel.

I have heard from many converters it is their goal is to quote customers within 24 hours of receiving requests. In order to do so, there are four very important pieces of information their estimators must have in hand:

  • What kind of material will the adhesive be laminated to? 

  • What kind of surface will the end user bond to? 

  • What kind of environmental conditions will the tape construction face during its lifecycle? 

  • What type of tape construction does the end user need?

Once the estimator collects this information—which in some instances is difficult to do—they must quickly and confidently make a product selection from the hundreds, if not thousands, of supplier offerings. Next, they must obtain pricing from the supplier whose product they selected—all within 24 hours.

What Avery Dennison Can Do to Help

With the converters’ 24-hour quote goal in mind, we challenged ourselves to develop a program to help you (our customer) reach this goal…enter the Avery Dennison Core Series™ Portfolio. The portfolio makes it easy for you to do business with Avery Dennison and your customers. The Core Series is a streamlined portfolio of 32 pressure-sensitive adhesive products covering a large percentage of bonding and application solutions.

All Core Series products are offered with instant volume-based pricing, sample rolls, a dedicated application support call line and email address, one-roll MOQs, four-day lead time, and no-charge slitting for 4-inch rolls and above. With the immediacy of the program, specifically the instant volume-based pricing, prompt quoting can lead to more business for your organization. 

More Than Quick Quotes

We also see the Core Series Portfolio as an opportunity to help you educate your customer-facing teams about the information needed to make a proper adhesive selection. A major component of this educational exercise is the Core Series Product Selection Tool. The tool features descriptions of the portfolio’s product offering, plus a section that walks you through the four key steps detailed earlier.

Deanne Lewis, Product Manager, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes

Using the tool and navigating these four key steps removes the guesswork that can lead to disappointing results, and helps you deliver better, faster solutions to your customers.

To obtain the product selection tool or to learn more about the Core Series Portfolio, contact your Avery Dennison Performance Tapes account manager or visit

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